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A Creative Europe Programme

AAA. Accessible Art for All is a European initiative led by Explora (Rome) in partnership with ArtReach’s Liberty UK Festival (Leicester), Altonale (Hamburg), Muzeiko (Sofia) and Regional Museum of Skåne (Kristianstad).

Through a series of high impact exhibitions, which will be part of local festivals, artists will transform toilets using their art to share important messages about how we can live in a fairer, more inclusive society. Through visual, digital, and street arts in museums, festival organisations, schools, train stations, and other community spaces, we will raise awareness about a range of issues from climate change and environmental sustainability to bullying and discrimination.

Why toilets?

In Europe, you can almost always find a toilet in every home and public place and yet we often take them for granted. The physical limitations that are often imposed on some of the people who use them can go unseen. Today, these lines of separation are stronger than ever and go beyond physical and mental limitations, and toilets. A toilet is an unconventional place for an art exhibition, but the choice is purposeful and provocative and aims to achieve a change in attitudes of non-acceptance through art, holding a mirror up to society.

Why accessible?

Toilets are not always accessible for everyone – from children to people with disabilities. In our project, toilets will be transformed not only to include artworks and installations with powerful messages but also to be accessible for the people who use those venues.

Why art?

We believe that to make art truly accessible, we need to bring art to the place where everyone goes: toilets. Through specific festivals, with workshops, installations, performances, and seminars, art and culture will be a means to launch powerful messages, with the collaboration of high-quality artists and key associated partners.

Why all?

We want to reach as many people as possible and make art truly inclusive, to share important messages about the kind of society we want to live in. With the help of artists, we will immerse people in an emotional experience, turning a visit to the toilet into a transformative journey towards becoming more compassionate. This will help us understand the barriers that not only make toilets inaccessible, but that divide us more significantly in society.

AAA. Accessible Art for All is an European initiative coordinated by Explora (Rome) and four international partners:

Liberty UK – Leicester

Altonale – Hamburg

Muzeiko -Sofia

Regional Museum of Skåne – Kristianstad/Sweden


Read more about the artists that will exhibit at this year's festival below.


‘The Rebel Bear’ is a street artist whose work explores politics, love, human emotion and provides commentary on the ‘absurdity’ of the world we have created. His work can be found on the streets of Scotland, London, Calais and New York.


Oliwia Bober is a Polish illustrator based in London, working primarily with acrylic and gouache paints and occasionally dabbling with paper cut outs. Her personal projects draw influence from Polish folklore, her position as an immigrant in Brexit Britain and serve as a means of navigating feelings around her relationships with people.


Vishal's work is an exploration of identity, and the different traits that make us individuals. Through his paintings, Vishal questions societal norms, labels, rules and explores our shared humanity. 


Yara El-Sherbini’s interdisciplinary practice uses humor, play, and participation to engage with a diverse range of socio-political issues. Using accessible formats within pop culture; from games to quizzes, advice columns to mini golf, she hopes to make contemporary art more widely accessible. 



Richard DeDomenici makes work that’s social, joyful, topical and political - although rarely simultaneously. 

He specialises in urban-absurdist interventions which strive to create the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility.

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