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Produced by Activate Performing Arts

Worldbeaters and Dundu wowed the crowds with this high energy, playful musical and visual spectacle. Crowds followed the parade through the streets following the discovery and unfolding story of baby Dundu and the gentle giant Dundu.
Chris Patrick Photography (6).jpg
This show is produced by Activate Performing Arts, this is a collaboration between German outdoor puppeteers, Dundu and UK percussion ensemble Worldbeaters. It was originally funded by Arts Council England and developed in Newbury Corn Exchange’s 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space.
Image credit: Chris Patrick Photography
Sense of Unity


Ohm Boy is part of a collection of 4 bronze sculptures that started life as part of a project by Hugo Farmer called Article Ten. The project explored the theme of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression, particularly in relation to Article 10 of the Human Rights Act: the right to hold your own opinions and to express them freely without government interference.
Hugo farmer
We were joined by Ohm Boy and artist Hugo Farmer for the Festival for an exhibition and free drop-in workshops where festival goers created their own Ohm Boy inspired prints.


with Leicester Print Workshop

Think Me
An Artivism inspired project creating unique images using different print techniques.

The images were inspired by ideas of: Protest and Art; Freedom; Democracy; Solidarity and Unity; and International Women’s Day in collaboration with Leicester Print Workshop and students from Leicester and Coventry. Using different printmaking techniques they produced images and text that were combined to create a final collaborative image.
ArtReach Images (76) - Copy.JPG
This work was displayed on construction hoarding on Humberstone gate throughout the Festival.


with Anerki Collective

Anerki Collective is a multi-disciplinary arts collective, using the arts and music to make a deep, lasting and positive impact on it's audiences. For Liberty UK , Anerki presented two performances of a new show that explored life in Medieval Leicester.

In developing the performance, the Collective met with an 'All Saints Research Group' to hear about the stories they had uncovered about Medieval Leicester, in particular All Saints Church. The performances shared stories of the heritage of All Saints’ Church and one of its most noted literary connections; Margery Kempe - through a unique line up of artists from different disciplines.
ArtReach Images (85) - Copy.JPG
Participating performers were commissioned to make something new that could be performed as part of a unified performance incorporating dance, live painting and music.


By Claudia Janke

Wavelength connects people in solidarity and friendship through the universally recognisable and cross-cultural gesture, the wave. Waving originated as a signal to strangers that one comes in peace. Its magic is that it can create a moment of intimacy at a distance, even between strangers.

We all do it – we wave at our friends, loved ones and passers-by from windows, bridges and trains. It’s a beautiful way to acknowledge one another - a simple gesture, but a powerful one and something most of us can participate in.
ArtReach Images (13).JPG
Artist, Claudia Janke, spent two months travelling across Europe filming people waving, and turning the short clips into a compilation that could be shown across the world as a message of solidarity. It was presented in Leicester through the Festival dates at a variety of locations including Leicester Central Library, DMU Vijay Patel Screen, Bishop Street Methodist Church and LCB Depot.


By ArtReach

Night of Festivals Hounslow 2019 (52).jp


Two days of carnival celebrations, simple tools mental health arts workshops and the first Hounslow Heritage Comic was unveiled.



As part of the Creative Europe VOICE project,

this year’s London event brought together artists, theatre makers and street performers from across Europe.



Celebrating the spirit of South Asia to mark the 70th Anniversary of Pakistan and Indian Independence. Night of Festivals South Asia was a spectacular six day festival.


FREEDOM 2015/16

The FREEDOM project was a collaborative European programme delivered through Night of Festivals to celebrate the values of freedom and democracy through artistic innovation.

TOUR 2013/14

Night of Festivals Tour offered a unique programme of 

Carnival, Storytelling, Moving Image,  Participatory Installations and Live Performance.

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