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New Commissions for 2021

Summary of Commissions.

Exhibition Dates: 22nd February – 29th March 2021.

Installation Dates: 15th – 21st February 2021.

Commissions available: 5.

Budget: £2,900 (+VAT) including Artist fees, materials, installation costs and workshop preparation and delivery.

Submission Deadline: 10:00AM Monday 9th November 2020.

Application Process: Please apply by completing this Google form: Submissions

Liberty UK Leicester is an annual interdisciplinary festival that explores freedom and democracy through a range of artistic projects and public interventions. For 2021, Liberty UK will be exploring the hidden inequalities and injustices within our communities, exploring the freedoms and perceived freedoms that we have, that we don’t have and those that we take for granted. The festival will explore how far we have come, and how far we have left to go in building an equal and fair society. Liberty UK is produced and presented by ArtReach.

As part of this programme, ArtReach will commission 5 artists to create imaginative and artistic installations with strong social messages in public toilet spaces across Leicester City Centre. The exhibition is part of an international collaboration, Accessible Art for All, which is an innovative art project spanning 5 European cities including Rome (Italy), Leicester (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Kristianstad (Sweden) and Sofia (Bulgaria) funded by Creative Europe. Organisations in each city have partnered up to artistically transform toilet spaces located in community locations (museums, schools, stations, markets, etc.) and will be exploring options for an outdoor installation. Artists will transform spaces that are used by the widest sections of society, with the aim of sharing messages for a more inclusive European society. Through art, toilets will become tools for the future, against bullying and discrimination and for creating dialogues between cultures. We are looking to commission work that engages different communities in conversations about cultural differences and division, with the aim of increasing advocacy and tolerance in the city, particularly as it emerges from lockdown. The project will encourage a new, shared vision for Leicester’s communities helping to combat discrimination.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for visual and interdisciplinary artists to create temporary art exhibitions transforming toilets in Leicester. We want the artwork to be a celebration of the different cultures and communities living in Leicester, whilst raising awareness about issues that most affect them, particularly in relation to migrant or resettled communities.

Some of the themes that we are particularly interested in exploring are:  

  • Water sanitation, conservation and usage.

  • Gender equality, female body image in different cultures.

  • Injustices that disproportionately affect marginalised communities.

  • Perceptions on gendered spaces. 

  • The intersection between climate change and social justice.

However, we are open to hearing from artists about issues that are important to them.

We encourage artists from a wide range of disciplines including visual and digital art to apply. We will be working with a range of spaces including female, male, gender neutral and disabled toilets, as well as outdoor locations. Works will need to be accessible, and immediate for a range of audiences – which may include families and young people. The work will need to have impact and attract members of the public who are not necessarily there to seek it out. We want to see proposals for new work, or those that are sufficiently different from previous presentations of the work including proposals that are suitable for family audiences. We will capture the artworks using 360 photography to share digital versions of the work online.

Artists will be required to deliver a series of online or live workshops in advance of the exhibition. Artists will work with members of the local community teaching them new creative skills, building confidence, creating a safe space for conversations about issues relating to discrimination and community cohesion. They should be an opportunity for participants to contribute to and shape the outcome of the exhibition.

We are looking for workshops that will cater to a variety of different audiences including underrepresented groups and school children. Where possible, we are looking for workshops that can be delivered in person, or that can be reached by wider participant numbers online. You may also wish to create resource packs and videos with activities for specific groups. Artists should tell us both the format for delivering their workshops and groups that would be most appropriate for them to work with. ArtReach will work with the artists to pair them up with suitable 3 groups based in Leicester unless you have an existing relationship with a group that you would like to propose. Where workshops are delivered in schools we will seek to enable students to complete an Explore Arts Award.


Venues are at this stage unconfirmed, so ideas should consider a variety of spaces within public toilets (shopping centres, libraries, cafes, etc.) – rather than a project for a specific location. Artists should consider wall spaces, floor spaces, cubicles, and outside areas. Once selected you will be allocated a location/venue in discussion with ArtReach.


Artists should think about the impact their work will have on the environment. Artwork and workshops that use recycled or recyclable materials and low energy artworks are encouraged. Artwork will be presented in toilets, so artists will need to consider this when choosing materials. Fabrication processes should be thoroughly considered and detailed in the application. Please consider how the installation will work in toilet spaces and the way that toilets are often decorated and the typical features in a toilet. Please note that installation may take place at a time that is outside of typical working hours. All artworks will need to be removed once the exhibition period has concluded – so please consider this in the choice of materials and presentation. Removal and reinstatement costs will be covered by ArtReach.


We will work with artists and venues to establish appropriate working conditions for the safe creation and engagement of any artwork. Whilst we are unable to predict the global situation in 2021, we will work with all shortlisted artists to determine appropriate and safe project plans to deliver their work.

Who you are:

Artists of all disciplines and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We also welcome applications from multiple artists wishing to collaborate. We are committed to working with diverse artists and enabling access for all to improve equity and representation irrespective of background, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, disability status, sexual orientation or other protected characteristics. All applications will be considered fairly based on their proposals. Artists do not need to be established, we welcome applications from emerging artists, however, you must be able to demonstrate your ideas clearly and show that the concept has been well thought out.


  • Artists must be a resident and have the right to work in the UK or another European country.

  • Artists should have a portfolio of work that can be used by us to consider your application.

  • Artists should demonstrate experience of delivering workshops or similar interactive sessions to a wide range of audiences.

  • Artists should demonstrate an understanding of issues relating to freedom, democracy and human rights issues.

All proposals will be reviewed and assessed by the team at ArtReach and artists will be selected based on:

  • A track record of delivering high quality socially engaging work.

  • The quality of the idea and connection with the theme.

  • The potential to reach and engage audiences.

  • Deliverability within budget and scope.

Feedback can be offered to any unsuccessful proposals/artists.

Budget and support:

LIBERTY UK is commissioning 5 new artworks and workshop proposals. Artists and organisations that wish to apply must be based in the UK or a European country.

Selected artists will receive:

  • £1,500 – fee for designing and creating the installation.

  • £400 – to develop and deliver workshops.

  • £1,000 – materials

Total Budget:

£2,900 +VAT (which will be paid in installments)

  • Artists will be contracted by ArtReach to deliver the work.

  • Where artists are invited to travel, their travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by agreement with ArtReach.

  • ArtReach will secure venues and coordinate communication with venues.

  • ArtReach will cover any accessibility costs.

  • ArtReach will provide a producer for the project to be a dedicated touch point for the project and team.

  • The project will be promoted by ArtReach as part of a UK wide marketing and communications campaign.

How to apply:

The deadline for applications is 10:00AM on Monday 9th November 2020.

Applications should be submitted via this Google form: Submissions

In addition to completing the Google form, please also send a Wetransfer to including:

  • Your CV or Portfolio.

  • Up to 8 images providing examples of your previous work.

  • Up to 4 images or diagrams of the work that you are proposing for this commission.

  • A basic risk assessment for your proposed artwork and workshop (a detailed assessment will need to be provided if you are selected, and a Covid-19 specific risk assessment may be required).

Please use the subject line AAA Artist Proposal & your name.

ArtReach actively encourages diversity and intersectionality in the arts and in particular seeks proposals from artists from under represented communities, deaf or disabled artists, artists of colour and artists who are LGBTQIA+. If you have any questions about this opportunity, would like to discuss any elements, or an alternative method of submitting your proposal please contact

The deadline for applications is 10:00AM on Monday 9th November 2020.
Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.
We will contact successful artists in the week commencing 16th November 2020.