Liberty Lollipops by YARA + DAVINA


Location: Morrison's Car Park, Widnes 

Day: 18 September

Time: 12.00pm, 2.00pm & 4.00pm

For Liberty Lollipops, artist duo YARA + DAVINA

have been working alongside young people from

our Liberty Changemakers programme in Leicester

to explore the concept of crossing metaphorically - specifically considering the crossing from isolation back into social society - and of slowing down,

asking what it means to stop and pay attention, alongside the literal freedom of one's movement:


To stop or be allowed to cross the road.


Artist duo YARA + DAVINA make social practice artwork, creating ambitious public artworks that respond to site, context and audiences.

In their work, they are taking inspiration from the everyday, using a lightness of touch to make

works that are accessible and thought provoking.


They have created artworks for multiple world

leading art venues, recently including Somerset House.

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