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Slow Down by YARA + DAVINA



Images courtesy of Summer Dean.

Location: George Street

Date: 19 February

Time: 12.00pm - 4.00pm

For Slow Down, artist duo YARA + DAVINA have been working alongside young people, Charlotte and Simran from the Liberty Changemakers programme in Leicester, to explore the concept of crossing metaphorically - specifically considering the crossing from isolation back into social society - and of slowing down,  asking what it means to stop and pay attention, alongside the literal freedom of one's movement:


To stop or be allowed to cross the road.


Slow down is a live intervention that uses the traditional concept of the Lollipop Lady,  or Street Crossing Patrol person as they are now known, to guide people out of isolation back into social society, pausing to reflect on social issues that we are currently grappling with. 

Custom lollipop sticks have been created with alternative messages used to engage members of the public inviting them to Slow Down, pay attention and have conversations with the team, about the things they care about the most. Miniature edible versions of the lollipops are created and handed out to the public. 


Slow Down has been an amazing extension to the work that Charlotte & Simran did as part of the Liberty Changemakers project, providing practical experience for them to learn how to engage audiences and have important conversations with members of the public. 

As part of a series of workshops they explored different messages that could be shared on the lollipop sticks, planned and delivered their own workshop, and selected the final messaging for the lollipop sticks. 

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