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Join the micro-campaign here!

Over the summer we are going to be working with young people across Leicester, teaching them how to #SpeakUp by creating their own campaigns for positive action and how they can use their voice to really #GetHeard - especially about the things they care about. 


We want to hear from other changemakers, like you, from across Leicester and Leicestershire and we invite you to share your own micro-campaigns and take part in our physically distanced peaceful protest.


All you have to do is:

  1. Think about something you want to change - it can be big or small. Is your bus always late? Does your sibling keep stealing your clothes? 

  2. Draw a poster, make a placard or create a short-film about that thing.

  3. Share it on Instagram @libertyUKfestival using #SpeakUp #GetHeard #LibertyUK or submit your content using the form below to join our peaceful protest.

Check out our gallery below if you need some inspiration.


Share your




peaceful protest images

or video by clicking here.

Thanks to Margo, Yasmine, Lana and Saffron from the #Tissues&Bread campaign for their powerful video about women's rights and education of the next generation.


Superb work.

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