Location: Runcorn Hill Park

Postcode: WA7 4PT

Day: 18 September

Time: 8.00pm

Interactive outdoor performance SUPERMOMENTS uses wearable technology to explore people’s personal agency, empathy and collective actions towards changing the environment we live in. 

In each performance, performers and selected audiences listen and perform together to

site-specific stories told by members of the local community - stories about the place they are in

as well as far away, while engaging with each

other through a set of custom wearable tech

that engages with their aural and visual sense. 


Ling Tan is a UK based multidisciplinary designer, artist, maker and software developer working

within the field of social engagement, performance, technology, citizen participation and politics.


Originally trained as an architect, her work explores citizens’ interaction with the built environment and

our collective agency and responsibility in tackling complex issues surrounding our cities. 


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SUPERMOMENTS R&D is supported by fundings from Without Walls Blueprint and 101 Seedbed.