The Write to Rave by Debris Stevenson


Location: Runcorn Hill Park

Postcode: WA7 4PT

Day: 18 September

Time: 7.00pm

The Write to Rave is an immersive live performance reflecting about the political power of rave culture:


Who has the right to rave,

to dance and move freely?


What does it need to feel

truly free in your own skin? 

Working with a group of young people from GLOW

in Halton, Debris Stevenson has co-created a performance inspired by her ongoing development

of The Write to Rave, exploring the journeys of

people trying their best to rave whilst the world

tries its best to stop them.


Featuring performances from Young Artists

selected from the Liberty EU Artist Portfolio.


Dancing social activist Debris Stevenson has

worked in 30 countries, her debut show Poet in da Corner premiered at The Royal Court in 2018, and

she is currently developing several TV shows.


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The R&D of The Write to Rave is supported by Arts Council England, Hackney Empire, Warwick Arts Centre, Curve Theatre, Serious, ARC Stockton, Wonder Fools, Bernie Grant Centre, Dance4, Liberty UK and the Traverse.