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Engaged: Behind Closed Doors by Yara El-Sherbini and The Khazi Collective, in collaboration with Trade Sexual Health

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Engage Behind Closed Doors by Yara El Sherbini (The Exchange) (1).JPG

Locations: LCB Depot, The Exchange and Manhattan 34.

Artist Yara El-Sherbini worked with The Khazi Collective: a group of 7 gay and bisexual men inviting them to reflect on the rich history of these public spaces; for sanctuary, for pleasure and for escapism.


The group created the text for a series of locks which they hope will trigger conversations, public or private, around the complexities of identity, which are not binary, not one or the other - and ask what it might mean to find rapture, to feel liberated and find relief in public yet private spaces.


The Khazi Collective are: 

  • Salim K

  • Makinder Chahal

  • Christian Neckles

  • Elliot Juby

  • Paul Wishart

  • Dan Auluk

  • Bilal Gill

Engaged: Behind Closed Doors by Yara El-Sherbini and the Khazi Collective is part of the AAA. Accessible Art for All programme co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

AAA is an initiative led by Explore (Rome) in partnership with ArtReach's Liberty UK Festival, Altonale (Hamburg), Muzeiko (Sofia) and Regional Museum of Skåne (Kristianstad).

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