Engaged: Behind Closed Doors by Yara El-Sherbini and The Kazi Collective, in collaboration with Trade Sexual Health


Location: To be revealed

Artist Yara El-Sherbini worked with The Kazi Collective: a group of 7 gay and bisexual men inviting them to reflect on the rich history of these public spaces; for sanctuary, for pleasure and for escapism.


The group created the text for a series of locks which they hope will trigger conversations, public or private, around the complexities of identity, which are not binary, not one or the other - and ask what it might mean to find rapture, to feel liberated and find relief in public yet private spaces.


The Kazi Collective are: 

  • Salim K

  • Makinder Chahal

  • Christian Neckles

  • Elliot Juby

  • Paul Wishart

  • Dan Auluk

  • Bilal Gill